Weekend Warriors

What does Labor Day mean to you? Growing up in North Carolina, it was considered the last day of the year when it was fashionable to wear white. And, oh yeah, isn’t it a holiday from work? This year, Labor Day literally meant Labor Day, or make that Labor Weekend. I mean work your fingers to the bone labor, but it was worth it because Anna got a room she loves. She wanted a beach themed room and that is exactly what she got.

As is typical for many kid’s room, there were toys and stuffed animals everywhere. Did I say everywhere? Take a look.



Enough Toys for Every Kid in the Neighborhood. Anna Agreed to Share.

Anna was on-board with decluttering and donating some of her toys to other children who would appreciate them. We began by emptying everything from the room except the bed and dresser. Already the room felt so much bigger. As a general rule of thumb for staging, remove 2/3 of the content. Less is More!

While Anna sorted through stuffed animals, the B Staged team began painting her bed and dresser. The original pickled finish was worn and scratched; whereas, the bright, white Annie Sloan chalk paint created a more feminine look which contrasted nicely with her teal accent wall. In another blog, I’ll point out some tricks that can help you with chalk paint projects. Believe me, it’s not always a one coat project. And waxing is another story… so much fun, not!

Starfish and Sand Dollar Pictures from HomeGoods

By mid-afternoon, the first coat of paint was complete. Now, off to find the perfect coastal accessories which, by the way, isn’t easy when stores are full of Halloween pumpkins and witches. We were working with a $150 budget for purchases of furniture and accessories. HomeGoods came through with starfish and sand dollar pictures and a huge basket for what else, the stuffed animals. A ‘real’ nightstand would be better than her oversized bookcase but we had to be selective due to our budget constraints. In the end, Kirklands had a great shabby-chic nightstand, just the right size, just the right price $55, but wrong color, black. Why not add to our painting project!





Shabby Chic Nightstand and Sea Shell Lamp


Sunday, a day of rest…  not so much. There’s painting to do, and I’m on my own so it takes a bit longer. Monday arrives, “Wax on, Wax off”. Did I mention that I hate waxing. Chalk paint really absorbs the first coat of wax so two are a must. I have help today, so piece of cake… and now the fun begins.

STAGING, where we add the bling. The pictures go up over the bed and we shop the house for more beachy accessories. We also add a rope to Anna’s mirror and hang it from a boat cleat ($2 at Lowes). Anna and her mom have purchased a glass lamp, $30, perfect for sea shells. Luckily I keep a stash of shells, starfish, coral and other beach-themed decor items, as well as books.  Accessories are arranged and now, it’s time for the reveal. The perfect beach room for a ‘tween and it’s completed just in time for a burger and beer. It is a holiday weekend after all.


So Beachy. Take a look at the Before and After Pics.


So clean and uncluttered. Who doesn’t love a beachy room?



Check out the mirror hanging from a rope attached to a boat cleat.

Anna loves her new room!

















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