The Best Ever Project. A Nursery for my First Grandbaby, Briana.

How can you beat this project, especially since I had all boys. It’s a girl, hallelujah! So fun to decorate girly, so fun to buy girly clothes, but I have to admit that boy clothing and boy room decor has dramatically improved since my guys were small. Briana’s room was a blank slate, in a new house, which certainly makes the project easier. It’s a first, no clutter.

Mom loves Rifle Paper Company so our inspiration pieces were art prints from their botanical series. Now we have a color-scheme so we’re off and running, squealing all the way. This is so much fun!

PicMonkey Collage Rifle

Next comes furniture and bedding. Classic white furniture, not expensive, was chosen from buybuyBABY. Shout out to the delivery guys from buybuy BABY. They were amazing; assembled the furniture in no time while appearing to be just as thrilled as I am about my first grandchild. This furniture was a smart purchase because it converts to big girl furniture as Briana grows. The bed becomes a full size bed and the changing table becomes a dresser or console if the bookcase is stacked on it. So clever. Am I showing my age? All of you new moms out there think this is normal, but I’m still impressed.


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We totally splurged on the bedding because it was so perfect, simple, pretty and just the right shade of pink…or blush according to Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. Now we are really excited, we were squealing before, now we’re over the moon. It’s gonna be so pretty!





Of course, we can’t complete a room without some kind of painting project. The builder beige was a bit too warm so we opted for a light gray; sometimes it appears to have a hint of blue, sometimes a hint of green. It’s serene and not the typical baby girl nursery shade of pink!

Since Briana’s Mom and Dad have so many generous friends we were able to decorate with books, stuffed animals and purchases made with gift certificates. Wait until you see the little ones’ closet. She has as many clothes as I do. Well that would be an exaggeration, but she does have some pretty incredible dresses. I told you little girls are so much fun. I can’t wait…here’s her closet.







Now, for the really cute stuff. Filling in the bookcases, hanging the artwork and accessorizing the shelves.











I’m not a great photographer, but you’ll get a decent idea of how the room turned out. Speaking of photographers, Krystal Fabyan Ray and Michelle Stoker took Briana’s baby pictures. They’re both fantastic.

Love the pink pouf! It’s also from Restoration Hardware.












Nothing left to do, but love on baby Briana.

B1 circle crop




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