Christmas Decorating

Easy As One, Two Three…Simple As…you get the point

I am obsessed with making snow globe terrariums and lanterns. It’s so easy and fun. Candles, lanterns and terrariums aglow everyday at 5PM.

This is a simple, ten minute project. It’s affordable too. So much bang for the buck. Staging for Christmas, who knew?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass terrarium or lantern
  • LED Christmas lights, battery-powered with timer (don’t forget the batteries)
  • Artificial snow
  • Christmas decorations, your choice. I prefer little houses, snowmen and Santas.
battery powered LED lights with timer

Lights from Target


LED lights

Lights from HomeGoods












How to Do It, the One, Two, Three part…

  1. Clean the glass
  2. Turn on lights to the timer setting and add lights to bottom of container
  3. Cover with artificial snow
  4. Add decorations

Oops, One, Two, Three…Four

lantern with LED lights

This lantern is for baby Bri. You’ve heard of her, right?



The fluffy snowman is an ornament from Pier 1.


Repeat! because it’s kinda like Lay’s Potato Chips.

Snowman for us.

There’s only one tricky part. You have to do this at whatever time you want the lights to turn on because they’ll come on everyday at the same time. So here’s your new happy hour project.

Revised instructions:

  1. Pour a glass of wine
  2. Follow instructions above.

Love my little house with a yard full of Christmas trees. LED lights are hidden so the snow glows at night.


An aerial view.


Here’s a variation. The lights are above the snow for a whimsical effect.


It’s my favorite, a skinny-legged Santa.

And last, but not least, no lights. Just lots of tiny Christmas trees. One more for baby Bri.


Trees are from Jo-Ann’s. My first experience with pink Christmas trees. So much fun having a girl in the family…finally!


This one is a three minute project. Pour in snow and add trees. You can do it! So cute, so quick!


These all went to Bri’s house. Guess I’ll have to make a few more. You should too!

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