New Year-New Room

New Attitude

Now that you’ve put away the holiday décor, it’s the perfect time for redesigning your space, whether it’s one room or the whole house. Don’t go back to your tired old look just because it’s easy. You deserve a change and here are a few tips to make it easy:

Paint provides the most bang for the buck. I am amazed at how many homes still have mustard yellow walls. The Tuscan look has come and gone several times over. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have chosen shadow gray and poised taupe as the 2017 colors of the year. If you’ve already updated with these neutrals you are in vogue for the new year.


2017 Color of the Year

Gray tones remain strong. Sherwin Williams is a lighter tone suitable for walls or furniture. Benjamin Moore’s Shadow would be a fantastic color for kitchen cabinets.

Re-arranging furniture can provide a completely different feel to a room. Don’t forget to de-clutter while you’re at it. Everyone, myself included, tends towards ‘collecting’. Over the years, even if it’s only souvenirs from favorite vacations, the tchotchkes add up. After de-cluttering, identify a focal point and arrange around it. A focal point may be a fireplace or another architectural feature or it may be an appealing view of the backyard. Group furniture in conversation groups, not facing the television set.

If your flooring is dated consider a new rug. If it’s really dated, and you can’t change it, consider a large rug. Cover the entire floor leaving only 15 inches along the edges. No one will notice the ugly tile now.

Geometric rug and colorful pillows add pops of color.

This fireplace is quite the focal point of the room. Where’s the tv? The rug adds another design element. It is large enough to cover the dated orangey wood floors.

Swapping out accessories can change the entire look and feel of a space, especially artwork. Go big! Many people hang small pictures all over the place. One large piece of artwork is much more dramatic. Hang it at eye level, approx. 60 inches. There are a lot of jolly green giants out there. If you  have lots of small pictures that you love, group them together. Sometimes, creating this look is challenging. To fashion the lay-out, you may want to cut out paper templates the same size as your artwork. Try arranging the templates on your floor first; then, move on to the wall. Remember to use painter’s tape and wear your patience hat. This may take awhile.

An easy change is adding colorful pillows  to create a fresh new look. Finally, HomeGoods has pillows that aren’t seasonal. First it was Halloween, then Christmas. They will be beach-themed soon, so hurry in.

A few new accessory purchases can make a big difference. In staging, we often transform a dated interior to a more current style simply by replacing accessories and artwork. We’ll do this for you, too!

Colorful pillows can change the look of a room in no time. Blue yesterday, Gray today. It’s fun to change pillows seasonally.

Unity may be the single most important design element. A unified design scheme will flow from room to room making the house seem larger and more comfortable, less chaotic. Choice of color and style should be consistent throughout the main living areas of the house. Of course, kids rooms are often the exception and that’s okay. This too shall pass. Use your own judgement. Look over your design and ask yourself if everything belongs together. Choose furniture and accessories of the same style and repeat your accent colors in each room. If you plan on selling your home, this is especially important. When each room is a different color and style, the whole house appears choppy, and disorganized. Not a very desirable marketing plan.

And last, the most important rule of all…

Billy Baldwin, dean of interior decorators, sums it up best.


Don’t have the time or desire to do this yourself? We can help. Many interior redesigns can be accomplished in an afternoon for a very reasonable cost.

Please call us at 407-493-9177 or email. We look forward to a stylish New Year.



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